How to get Gold Membership on Nitro Type?

nitro type hack for gold or nt+ account for free using the script

Hello every, here is a small and simple trick for nitro type which will give your nitro type garage page a premium look and will add nitro type gold account features visually. So without any further delay, just do these two things mentioned below to get going with this hack.

Nitro Type gold account hack script
Nitro Type Gold Account Hack Script
Steps for using Nitro Type Gold Script
  1. Install the Tampermonkey extension in Chrome browser.
  2. After that, install the script named gold.user.js
  3. Refresh you garage page to see the effects

This trick is based on alteration of local storage for the game, so here is the clarification regarding its use. This script does not actually give you pro membership, it just makes pages look like you do. If you log into your account on another browser, your account will look normal, without Gold.

Choose OS for NT Gold Script

Best practice while using NT Gold Hack

You should use this trick with a newly created account at first because I have not tested if nitro type detects such local storage change. Note: It works best on your garage page and show NT tag only in qualifying race; not in all races.

Some other modifications in the script

It can alter / change my other things also such as how many friends request you have received, what is your level, what is your experience, etc. You can do these things by modifying the script yourself.

Sample Modification in the script

A have added a default title called "The Bug" so that your current title will be shown as "The Bug". To change this, go to tampermonkey dashboard and click on the script name to edit it. Therein, you will see something like the following.

b.title = "The Bug";

So, you can equip any title you want by changing the text between double quote.



  1. Thanks Prabhakar. I want to friend you in NT. Please accept a request sent from "LEGEND-2.0." Thanks.
    You are "558558558",right?
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  4. I have done as you told, now I actually have NT gold somehow! But I can't earn cars and and change cars, could you please fix my problem
  5. Same to me pls help us pls let us know
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  7. How u remove it
    1. Disable it from Tampermonkey dashboard.
    2. if i can't do anything on the nitro type gold membership (quote on quote)hack then what is the point of it?I dont want to prank my friends to impress them.I wanna have real cash answer this comment plz
    3. If you want to have real gold and cash, then buy it with real money.
    4. so its not real???
  8. I got nitro gold member ship at nitro type and I followed the rules for the hack!
    1. It did not work for me.
  9. The game gets really confused with the cash. It shows up in the dealership, but you can't actually buy anything with it.
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