TypeRacer Cheat - How to use extension for Auto Typing

TypeRacer auto typing cheat with extension on play.typeracer.com by Madcap Hacker

TyperRacer is an award-winning online typing game with multiplayer competitions allowing people to race each-other. The typing lessons came as quotes from movies, books, and songs. It claims to be the first MMO typing game on the internet. So, this game is fun and all if you really want to polish your typing skill to become a ninja typing expert. However, if you are too lazy to break your back and hurt you eyes by typing all day; you can use an extension which i have created to do things for you. This is written in simple JavaScript and it requires an extension called TamperMonkey in your Chrome or Firefox browser.

TypeRacer Hack Script for fire typing
TypeRacer Auto Fast Typing Hack Script

How to step up Auto Typing Tool for TypeRacer

So, the first step towards using this cheat will begin with installing the TamperMonkey extension / add-on from Web Store of your concerned browser. I am sharing the direct links for Chrome and Firefox below.

When you are done adding the add-on / extension to your browser, you need to add an user-script which will do the typing for you. The user-script is called typeRacerCheat.user.js and it should be added using the link given below.

Choose OS for TypeRacer Script

At the time you open above link, you will see an install button in your browser. Click on that to successfully integrate this to with your browser.

Now, every time you start a race on TypeRacer, auto typing will be done. However, you have to type the last word manually be yourself so as to adjust you typing speed below 100 WPM. The problem with TypeRacer is that if your typing speed exceeds 100 WPM, you have to pass a CAPTCHA like test. So, don't go beyond 100 to avoid this thing. Unless you are confident that you will pass this verification.

Increase / Decrease the speed of Auto Typing on TypeRacer using script

You can change the speed of TypeRacer Cheat Script by modifying the 56th line in code.

setTimeout(a, 200 * Math.random());

Here, the 200 controls the speed. The higher this number be, the slower the typing will be. The lower the number be, the faster the script will be. So, changing the 200 to 100 will make the script x2 faster. Hope you find this helpful. Thanks 👦



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  6. Use this cheat script to type like a champ on TypeRacer with any speed you desire. Fast or Slow, It is only You, Who decides how it should Go.
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