Resolved: How to fix ads.txt problem of Adsense with Bigrock domain hosted on Blogger

How to fix ads.txt problem of Adsense with Bigrock domain hosted on Blogger

Identifying the ads.txt problem

If you have registered your domain from domain providers other than Google domains for example Bigrock, GoDaddy, etc you may run into a problem where your Adsense accounts show a warning stating :

Earning at Risk - One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue.

When you click on "Action" button, in Adsense, you will be taken to a page where google will tell you specifically that which domain is facing this problem.

Resolving this problem for Bigrock Domains hosted on Blogger

Every domain provider have their own interface, so the below tutorial might be different. The domain on which I faced this problem was bought from Bigrock and after days of effort, i was able to fix this problem. That's why I decided to share this on my blog.

Why ads.txt problem occurs

The root cause of this problem is crawling issue on naked domain. When google tries to crawl your site's ads.txt file, it checks for it at

In case of Blogger, our blog is hosted at www sub-domain level and not on root level. That's why when google bot visits the above url, it always gets redirected to your home page which is So, this main issue is redirection of naked domain to www level without path forwarding.

Enabling Path Forwarding - Bigrock

Log in to your admin panel on Bigrock and go the desired domain name on which you want to fix your error. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find an feature called "Manage Domain Forwarding".

Domain Forwarding - Bigrock

Open this option to go to Domain Forward Service console. Here you will find your current domain name in source URL box and destination URL box as http://[blank text input field]. Click on the "Advance Settings" option to edit this root level domain forwarding.

advance setting - fix ads.txt bigrock

In this advance settings panel, you have to turn on the 'Path Forwarding' and keep other two options turned off. Make the destination URL on https protocol and add your domain with www subdomain as destination. Save the setting. This setting will redirect naked domain to www along with full path. So, you would not end-up on homepage every time.

Checking A and CNAME records

Make sure that your have four A record values. All these A record values should be without www prefix. In case you see any entry with www in A record, it should be removed. In CNAME records, you should have a www entry which points to Now, you have done every thing, wait for 4-6 hours to update the records and try visiting If it still redirects to homepage. Try the below method.

Turn Off / On redirect from Blogger Settings

Go to Settings > Basic menu in blogger and click on your custom domain edit option. Here will find an option to redirect to If this option is checked, uncheck it and save the settings. After 10 minutes, enable the redirect option again. Now, I can say with 100% surety that when you type you will redirected directly to For any help, comment below.


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