Run / execute not signed and notarized binaries on macOS

Steps to successfully run a unsigned and not notarized apps or executable on macOS Catalina using spctl command

Error when running an unsinged binary on macOS

Currently, when you download an app, whether it's off the Store or the Web or even from AirDrop, that app is quarantined. If and when you try to open a quarantined app, Gatekeeper checks it for known malware, validates the developer signature to make sure it hasn't been tampered with, makes sure it's allowed to run, for example matches your settings for App Store apps and/or known developer apps, and then double checks with you that you really want to run the app for the first time, that it's not trying to pull a fast one and autorun itself.

thumbnail non-signed binary running of macOS

Following image is the kind of warning you will see when you try to run any unsigned application of macOS Catalina. To suppress this warning, you have to tweak some of your setting which are provided below.

Error shown when executing an signed binary on macOS
Warning: This terminal trick disables important security aspects of Gatekeeper, which leaves your Mac vulnerable to malware. We highly recommend you reinable the default security settings if you chose to follow this guide at your own risk.

Steps to bypass unsigned binary warning on macOS

Open your terminal app.

Opening the terminal app on macOS

Type the following command and hit Return to disable some security settings.

sudo spctl --master-disable

Authenticate the change with admin password. Hit return and close the terminal.

Now, it's time to allow your Mac to open any app. Click on System Preferences on your Mac Dock. Choose Security & Privacy. Tap the lock at the bottom left of the screen.

Navigating to security and privacy settings macOS

Enter your password to unlock Security and Privacy. Choose the Anywhere under Allow apps downloaded from. Click the unlocked lock to keep the change.

Allow to run any app on macOS

With this changes in place, your Gatekeeper will no longer monitors and stop apps from signed sources.


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