MonkeyType Hack Extension & Bot - Auto Typing using cheat

Use this Bot for cheating on and type with fastest speed.

What is MonkeyType

Monkeytype is a minimalistic typing test, featuring many test modes, an account system to save your typing speed history and user configurable features like themes, a smooth caret and more.

So, Monkeyype can be defined as opensource, web based, typing skill tester platform with lot of customization and good representation of typing statistics. To make this experience enjoyable, this site provides game like level system and global leaderboard to showoff your skills.

MonkeyType Bot by Madcap Hacker
MonkeyType Hack Extension and Bot

Intro of Bot aka MonkeyType Auto Typer

MonkeyType Auto Typer is typing / key press simulation tool which is made to test the capability and bugs of the monkeytype platform. It can also help the users to improve their typing stats and average WPM. You can automate long typing sessions on monkeytype to gain more XP.

Features of this Hack (Extension and Bot)

This tool is currently able to automate following typing modes on

Feature Availability
Speed (WPM) Range 1 🐢 - 300 🚀
Accuracy Range 90-100
Time Mode - 15 Seconds Works ✅
Time Mode - 30 Seconds Works ✅
Time Mode - 45 Seconds and More Buggy 🐞
Words Mode - 10/25/50/100/custom Works ✅
Quote Mode - short/medium/long/all Works ✅
Zen Mode No ❌
Custom Mode No ❌

Download the Cheat Code

There are multiple steps involved in using this hack. Therefore, you are requested to go through below steps in serialized manner for proper installation of required tools and script. You will find the download link in the last section of this post.

Setup of Extension & Bot

Adding Tampermonkey Extension

Depending on your browser, please use the links provided below to install the TamperMonkey Extension for hosting & execution of script.

Adding the Cheat Script

An script for co-ordination between Auto Typer and needs to be added in tampermonkey. This script is responsible for sending signal about when to start and stop typing. This script is available on my GitHub repo. You have to add it in your browser using the following link.

Downloading the Bot

Finally, you need auto typer for key press simulation. This needs to be downloaded and run from your OS. It is a portable program so needs not to be installed. You can execute it directly. Use the link provided below to download the zip file containing the bot.

Choose OS for MonkeyType Bot

Trial Run

Step #1 - Go to the Tampermonkey-Extension's dashboard using this link in your Google Chrome Browser and check if 'MonkeyType Bot' script is successfully added & enabled?


Step #2 - Start the bot [double click (on windows) or using command line (on Linux & macOS)]. Then you have to select Typing Mode Code as 0 and then activate the bot by pressing 1 and enter key.

* Select Typing Mode Code: 0
* All Set.
* Press 1 and hit Enter to activate the bot: 1

Step #3 - Now, you are all set to go back to your browser and visit In case you have already opened it, please refresh the page. The bot will start typing automatically after few (5-7) seconds. Keep the browser window in focus during the typing process.

monkeytype hack video

Do's & Don't of Bot

As this tool is yet to be tested thoroughly on MonkeyType, following are my suggestions for safeguarding your account from Bot Detection or Cheat Protection mechanism of the site, if any.

Should I test this tool without login to MonkeyType?

Yes. ✅ When you are using this bot for the first time on MonkeyType, pl. log out of your account. Only after that, you may use this bot for 20 times, at least, for getting used to the interface.

Can I use this tool with newly created account to test the possibility of being scorecard campaign?

Yes. & If you succeed or fail in your endeavor, pl. inform others accordingly in the comment section.

Can I use this hack while logged in from my main account?

Yes! But only set the speed as much as your actual speed and don't aim for being a champions.

Can I use this hack with my main account to be the fastest on MonkeyType?

No! ❌ By doing so, you may end up being caught by Bot Detection or Cheat Protection mechanism of the site, if any.

Bug Report and Improvement

This tool is in early stage of development and you may notice unexpected bugs during the use of this MonkeyType Hack. As such, here is my Discord user id (prRai#5855) so you can report these problem and I will get them fixed in upcoming releases. For any help regarding download, setup and use, please join our Discord server by the name 'Nitro Type Geeks'.



  1. If anyone tries it out and go some bug, please post about it here so I can improve Monkeytype bot in future updates, please. Alternatively, you could join or Discord for discussion. Regards.
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