Increase Your Reach ๐Ÿš€ on Instagram using Structure and Tags

Some Basics for best utilization of Instagram Algo

Instagram' s newer user posts reach less people than Facebook. The published post will only reach half of our followers. However, it reaches even less to non-followers. If the post reaches non-followers, the number of followers will increase and reach more. However, no matter how well you post it will reach less than you thought. You do not have to worry about that. Your post will reach more people if you follow the tips below.

Increasing My Reach on Instagram
Easy Steps to Increase Reach on Insta

Select category

You need select the category of your posts when you create an Instagram account or page. Blogger, Comedy, Education etc. Publish posts related to the category you have selected. Then the Instagram algorithm will display your post to the audience who like that category.

If you publish unrelated posts to the category, the Instagram algorithm did not reach most of the people. So, keep only related to the category of your posts.

Use quality images & Videos

This is what everyone should do. Try to post quality images and videos. Post that are not quality are not of interest to the masses.

If you click on the search bar, the suggested posts appear below. You can notice them. You can see how well they are displayed. None are non quality of them. Instagram algorithm is just that. Suggests only quality posts. In order for your post to be on the suggested list, you need to post the best images and videos.

Find your Insights

If you want to reach your post to followers, they must use Instagram when you publish the post. Find out when they are active, they may not be active at all times. Try to post while they are active. Take a look at your Instagram Insights graph to find out the activity of your followers. Make sure those times are suitable for posting.

Use Hashtags

The most important thing is to use Hashtags if your post is to reach more people. You should use those hashtags to which genre your post belongs. It is allowed to use 30 hashtags on Instagram.

Using hashtags the potential to make your post visible when someone searches for posts related to that hashtag. Use up to 25 posts related hashtags, use the rest top trending hashtags. No matter what hashtags belong to, no matter movie, politics, sports.

Tag friends

Not only the content, but also the title and the bio under it should be attractive. Tag your friends or collaborated profile link after writing a title that fits your post. Do not put too many links. Put a title gap under them and put as many hashtags as possible.

Finally, tag your friends in the post again. A maximum of 20 people can be tagged for a post. Only tag people you care about. Doing so will definitely get the reach your post. If your post starting reach is good, then you will have a chance to reach more later.

Boost post

It's a matter of money. If you want your post to reach a lot of people and grow the page through it and market it by the page, then there is nothing wrong with spending money for it.

Boost the best posts in all your posts and increase post reaching. To do this you need to link to another page on Facebook with your Instagram account name. Both accounts must also be verified. No need to spend money if you have posts with good content.


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