Nitro Type Hacks, Scripts and Cheats for 2023 [Working]

Listing of all functional hacks for your favorite typing and racing game Nitro Type in 2023

For ease of doing cheating on nitrotype, here is a compilation of working tools and JavaScript based codes for making your nitro life full of joy in 2023. But before you proceed for experimenting with these cheats, please keep in mind the following precautions.

Using any tool on nitro type for gaining unfair advantage over other players may lead to temporary or permanent banning for your account.
Not all tools come with ban protection.
Create a new account for trying out any hack mentioned below.

Nitro Type Tools and Hacks
Hacks and Tools for Nitro Type in 2023

CAPTCHA Clicker and Solver for Nitro Type

You can use CAPTCHA clicker extension and CAPTCHA solver extension to bypass the bot blockade after every 50 races. You can check more about this tool and download it using the following link.

Auto Typer Bot v5.4 - for Windows/Mac/Ubuntu

This tool offers highly customizable race setup for automated typing with 1500 session races in one go. The tool is build mainly for Windows users and works best on Windows 7/8/10/11. It can also be used on MacOS and Ubuntu but might be a little bit buggy. Download it from here.

AutoKey v3 - for Mac/Windows

This tool also offers highly customizable race setup for automated typing with 100+ session races in one go. This tool is best for MacOS users. You can check more about this tool and download it using the following link.

Auto Typer - for Chromebook

This is a javascript based site plugin for nitrotype which help chromebook users to do some automated race completion. However, this tool is currenly detectable very easily. Hence, accounts get banned after few (~10) races. You can try it from here.

Expand Garage Space on Nitro Type - Bookmarklet

This is a javascript code which makes permanent changes in Nitro Type Database to make your garage space bigger or smaller. All you have to do is to go to nitro type garage page and type javascript: in address bar. Then copy and paste the following code after it. Hit enter and submit the number of garage space you want. After next login, you will see modified garage space.

(async(a,b='',c,d=JSON.parse(JSON.parse(localStorage['persist:nt']).user).garage)=>{if(!a)return;for(c=0;c<a*30;c++)b+=`garage%5B${c}%5D=${d[c]||''}&`;await fetch('api/v2/loot/arrange-cars',{'headers':{'Authorization':'Bearer '+localStorage.player_token,'Content-Type':'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'},'body':b,'method':'POST','mode':'cors'});alert`Logging you out... Please log back in to see changes.`;document.querySelector('a.dropdown-link[href="/"]').click()})(prompt`Number of garage sections (~30 max):`)

Add All cars to your Garage in Nitro Type

You can add virtual cars of your choice to your garage space using this javascript code. The cars are not real and no permanent change is made in the database. Hence, this cheat is safe from account ban. You can try it from here.

Sticker Sending in Every Race

Use this harmless javascript code to send random stickers at the start of every race. You can try it from here.

I hope you liked the compilation of useful tools. If you see some items missing, please comment the link and description of useful nitro type resources for adding it here in the list, please.


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