Increased Productivity - 7 Steps for Magical Impact on your Life

It is the dream of every individual to be productive in their work and do it in a better way. We have discussed 7 ways here.

It is every person's dream to be effective in their job and do it in a better way, whether they are a student or a working professional. But the issues that come up in everyone's head are how to remain productive for a longer time and how to maximize productivity. We are here to help you, to increase your productivity for a longer time.Our habits increase or decrease our productivity. To increase productivity, we have to improve our habits, mainly we have to change our bad habits into good habits. Research suggests that to get rid of a bad habit, develop a good habit instead.

To do your best on your day you should make a plan for your day. Planning makes your mind sharp and increases productivity. The better plan you should have, then your response will also be better. You must develop good habits to increase productivity. Here are the 7 most important habits to increase productivity.

Make a To-Do List

Planning your day in advance makes you punctual and more realistic towards your goal. When you make a to-do list for your day then your subconscious mind always reminds you to accomplish it. By making a to-do list you do most of your work in a little span of time. Be punctual to make a to-do list and keep continuity. It is a good habit of highly effective people to plan their day in advance.

Practices for increased productivity
Practices to be followed for Increased Productivity

Try to make the to-do list a day before when you are going to sleep. Always set priorities in your to-do list: what should you do first and what to do later. Try to accomplish your tough task in your best(productive) time and leave the rest of the work for the rest of the day. A day which you plan in advance will be more productive than a day without planning. If you, unfortunately, did not complete all of your work from the to-do list, never forget to jot down that task in the next day’s to-do list.

Exercise Daily

Exercising daily is not only beneficial for the body but it is also very beneficial for the mind. The research team of Harvard Medical School found that the people who are exercising daily are more productive than the people who don’t.

Read Books

Whether you are a student or an employee you should build a habit of reading daily. The world’s most successful man also prefers reading books daily. In an interview, a reporter asked Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, ”If God comes to you and asks you what you want” then both replies that the Power of reading fast.

The man who is ready to learn is ready to beat his problems because he always prefers to search for the root to overcome that problem rather than accept the failure. As you know that a good speaker is always a good listener like that a good author is also a good reader.

Reading books increases your focus, concentration, and way of thinking. When you read books you found so many options to tackle your problems. Learning and applying make you more productive.

Visualize Path of Success

When you visualize your success, your subconscious mind believes that you have achieved your goal and that you are deprived of what you can do to achieve your goal.

The right way of visualization is The Process by which you are going to achieve your goal. When you visualize the path then your subconscious mind searches for the difficulties which you are going to face, the ways to remove these difficulties, and other these types of problems and their solutions. Path visualization makes you strong and fully prepared from the inside and more convenient for your goal. Until you visualize your dream you will not be able to make a positive effort to achieve your goal.

For example, how are you going to build a house? First of all, you put or make the foundation of the house, then the walls, then the roof and after that many such things which make your house better and attractive. But before the actual house is built, that house is built in your mind. So you have already made your dream house in your mind, after that the actual work starts to build your house. Think about achieving your goal in the same way as you think which things will stay where. Then you will find yourself more productive than before. Visualization also works in the same aspect.

Learn to Say No

Most often it happens that someone gives us some work that we do not want to do but have to do. Because we are unable to refuse that person and our precious time is wasted.

Being available to all at all times decreases our efficiency because our time is lost and we spend the rest of our time knowing that we are wasting our time today because of that task. When you develop the habit of saying no, you will find that yes, today I did something and saved my valuable time from being wasted.

It’s very common to feel odd in starting but after a time you feel that your decisions were not wrong. When you save your time for yourself then you are able to do something which will help you further.

Invest In yourself

Investing on your own gives you the most interest in the future. In today’s modern era, you have to always keep yourself up to date to be successful. Many people stop learning after getting a fixed job in their life and stay there all their life.

Investing on your own does not mean what you bought for yourself that enhances your luxury, but what you bought or learned that will help in the future. It could be anything like buying a course,  keeping a personal gym trainer, learning a new skill, and many other good things like this.

Time is the most valuable thing in every person’s life. Then you should build a better habit to invest your time wisely. Invest your time in learning new skills, exercises, book readings, etc. It will increase your productivity. A famous and well-known writer Robin Sharma said that Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.

Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is a process in which we postpone our work for some time. Often we feel that our brain is not focused to do this work, so we will start this work the next day. The next day it changes into the next week and the next week it turns into the next month and it continues in the same way until we need it most.

The habit of procrastination most reduces our productivity. Research conducted in psychology shows that the human mind gives more importance to those works which give immediate results rather than those which give more results in the future. This is the reason that a person leaves to build his future for a filtering pleasure and avoids the work which is very useful for him in the future. At this stage of time, people are Deteriorating their future for a little pleasure.

Take these steps and do your utmost to increase your job efficiency. You should find a solid excuse to do the job, along with these steps. When you've learned time management, you should also learn the skill of time management, then most of the time goes to your job instead of wasting it on social media.

Follow these steps to increase your productivity in your studies or your workplace. Maybe all of the points will not be suitable according to you. Arrange these points according to you and Do Your Best.


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